Proven by Science to Kill Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold in the Air and on Surfaces.*

Ultraviolet (UV) is a type of electromagnetic radiation that has been deployed in medical, surgical and public health settings for decades due to its powerful ability to kill bacteria and viruses. Some UV is visible, but most is not. UV is broken into four categories: UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and Vacuum UV. Blue Halo products use UV-C technology.

UVC Lighting

Time-Tested Technology for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Time Tested

UVC is an effective and proven air treatment technology that has been used for more than 35 years.

254nm UVC

This technology uses energy in the UVC range–short ultraviolet wavelengths in this spectrum are ideal in eliminating pathogens.

UVC Spectrum

The UVC range is outside the visible light spectrum, and can quickly kill bacteria and inactivate viruses.

Effective Treatment

Thanks to its fast efficacy, UVC is great for air and surface treatment.


Effectiveness is determined by exposure dosage in irradiance and time (how much and how long).

UVC Safety

Direct exposure to UVC can be a safety and health hazard to both the skin and eyes–Blue Halo’s UVC technology ensures that the UVC light is safely contained within our fixtures.

The Research is Clear: UVC Technology Not Only Works–It’s An Essential Disinfecting Tool for Today’s World

Everything You Need to Know About Germicidal Ultraviolet Light

Other than natural or mechanical ventilation, only 2 practical methods of air disinfection exist: room air cleaners (ie, using filters, UV, or other means of disinfection) and upper-room germicidal UV (GUV) fixtures

Ultraviolet Disinfection for COVID-19 in Schools

Upper room UVC disinfection has been used in schools for almost 100 years. Rigorous studies in the Philadelphia school system in the 1930s and 40s showed a dramatic protective effect against school-based transmission of measles.

Safety of Upper Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Air Disinfection for Room Occupants

These findings demonstrate that careful application of upperroom UVGI can be achieved without an apparent increase in the incidence of the most common side effects of accidental UV overexposure.

Air Disinfection for Airborne Infection Control with a Focus on COVID-19: Why Germicidal UV is Essential

Quantitatively, where applicable, no other technology approaches the equivalent air changes per hour that can be produced by upper room UV, silently, safely and cost-effectively. For COVID-19, it is essential that engineering strategies target transmission in occupied rooms—more so than in the ventilation system, given the paucity of evidence of recirculated virus.

WEBINAR: Keeping Public Spaces Safe: Germicidal Ultraviolet Light for Air Sanitation During COVID-19

For decades, UR-GUV has been a powerful tool for airborne infection control, and it has recently gained popularity as a possible measure to stop the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in public spaces.

IES Committee Report: Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) – Frequently Asked Questions

In summary, germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) applications can be used to reduce the spread of airborne infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, influenza virus, measles, SARS, and, presumably, SARS-CoV-2 (responsible for COVID-19).

Blue Halo integrates UV-C lighting into our products to combat viruses and bacteria while also providing illumination.*

Blue Halo’s UVC technology uses UVC to kill viruses, bacteria and mold*. When you use Blue Halo’s UVC-enabled products, you gain the certification that your environment has enhanced safety against viruses, bacteria and mold.

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