Blue Halo Rapidly Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold using FDA & EPA Approved Products

Blue Halo Lighting helps you create confidence in a safe environment–opening the door to business growth. Blue Halo’s Protection From Above products provide scientifically-backed protection from SARS-CoV-2 and other harmful pathogens.

Show that your business cares about its employees and customers with certification that shows you provide FDA- and EPA-approved GUV-UVC disinfection and enhanced safety against viruses, bacteria, and mold.

FDA Registration #: 3013851416 | EPA Establishment #: 99117-CHN-1

Air Disinfection

Our Integral Circulation System draws in ambient air to help continuously facilitate air disinfection in your building

People Safe Solution

Blue Halo’s products are 100% safe for use while your space is occupied, and require no controls, safety measures or training

Enclosed GUV Distribution

Our fully-sealed, internal UVC-LED Germicidal Disinfection Chamber ensures zero direct UVC exposure

Surface Disinfection

Highly-effective direct UVC disinfection rapidly inactivates viruses, bacteria and mold on surfaces

Gino Gargiulo has installed SilentAire and CleanAire products in the two BurgerFi restaurants he owns.  Learn how this decision will benefit his guests and staff.

Powerful, Safe UVC Technology Destroys Respiratory Viruses & More

Blue Halo Lighting’s UVC wavelengths break down the bonds in the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria, making them unable to multiply and thereby inactivating them. Because the light directly affects the DNA and RNA of the organism, it even works on drug-resistant strains of viruses and bacteria.

UVC disinfection is a proven technology–in fact, it has been used in hospitals since the 1940’s. Out of the three bands of UV lighting, UVC is the safest and most-effective germicidal solution.

Lighting & Disinfection Solutions Designed For Your Needs

Our full line of CleanAire and SilentAire products offer our signature Protection From Above no matter what your specific lighting and disinfection needs are. View our full line of products or get in touch with us to learn how we can help you create confidence in a safe environment.

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