Safety Control System

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The Blue Halo System is a hybrid lighting solution that combines traditional LED ambient illumination with internal ultraviolet air treatment system that does not allow any direct exposure to UVC.
Blue Halo products are engineered with an integral quiet fan system designed to continuously funnel contaminated ambient air through an internally sealed UVC treatment chamber. UVC technology is proven to kill or inactivate many types of bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses.
Simply install Blue Halo products like any traditional LED luminaire with ‘plug & play’ operation to help create safer spaces against airborne pathogens. Pair with additional Blue Halo Lighting solutions to build an enhanced defense system against current and future pathogens.


  • The short ultraviolet wavelengths in the photobiological band “UVC” is ideal in reducing pathogens
  • The UVC range is outside the visible spectrum of “light” that can quickly kill bacteria & inactivates viruses
  • Air treatment effectiveness is set by the exposure dosage in irradiance & time (how much & how long)